Music Festivals

Music Festivals are the most amazing and fun experiance in our Missionary Music School. Twice a year we prepare our students to perform for their families and friends. Click on this link to watch a four minutes video on Youtube BIg Band Night 2014

FB_IMG_1433220823496FB_IMG_1433220904491FB_IMG_1433220932521FB_IMG_1433220980312FB_IMG_1433220987179IMG_7453988812958-1IMG_7504051667420-1IMG_7588969301605-1IMG_36084702366726IMG_36089778370838399731_629949797020898_514473522_n DSC_0122 (2) IMG_4587Parents and friends enjoy every concert. Over 200 people atend the concert every semester.IMG_4605 IMG_4611 IMG_4617 IMG_4644 IMG_4674 IMG_4672


Every concert all students get prizes and gifts.IMG_4662 IMG_4657 IMG_4650 1 img4 Img3 Img2 Img1 Img

Changing your family through music