MMS stands for Missionary Music School.

What we believe

I believe that God created families to do His job in this earth. Family is the most powerful tool that God has to spread, change and rule over everything He created. Strong families means strong neighborhoods, churches, job sites and government.  

Hania, Marcos, Melissa and me. That’s all God needs to change the world.

Why we want to do it?
A Missionary Music School. Use music as a tool to bring families, moms, dads, kids, grandparents, siblings, friends playing and developing relationships, growing together as individuals and as family. If someone has no family, the church should be his or her family. We are all adopted by God to be part of His family.

I see churches as a Spiritual Family created by God to influence and make a difference where is planted. The church has to make a difference and serve its surroundings. The church has to look to the world and ask.. How can we serve this community?  

To train people to be leaders, people who will influence others and are able to serve and opened to learn new skills.

By using these two (Church and Family) powerful tools, together we can share Jesus love, forgiveness and sacrifice wherever God sends us. We are all His missionaries.   

Music is a great “hobby” for people who are willing to spend time TOGETHER.

How can we do it

MMS (Missionary Music School) has two legs:

One leg is focussed on the local church. We have to ensure that the church is filled with great, good hearted, Jesus loving musicians. We need to prepare musicians to serve the local church through their ability to play a musical instrument or sing.
Remember that God is looking for HEARTS and not “talented, skilled and full of pride” people.

The church has to be able to offer the space and the opportunities for that to happen

The second leg is looking outside the church, outreaching, evangelizing, spreading the Good News of the Gospel by offering a good quality music lessons for the community no matter the age we can offer music lessons for a very good price.   

What do I expect as result

Music has to be performed, musicians must perform what they learned. That will keep the excited and motivated for more. We need the whole church to be engaged in these events  including food and family friendly gatherings. This will generate an amazing and unique opportunity for the whole church to serve the community and get to know new people.

Food and Music is the greatest combination for a success gathering and I can’t do this by myself.

Outdoors events:

Summer Nights – Opened for the community and the church. The event should take place outside the church building and should have live music performed by MMS students. The songs should be different styles.. Blues, Country, Pop.. whatever songs the students enjoy to play, approved by parents and church leaders. The aim is to get to know the community with a family friendly program that will put the church to pray and work together to meet and invite new people to the church. Food, potlucks, handcrafted goodies could be offered for crowd.   

Indoors events:
Seasonal events (Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving.. etc) Special songs and performances can be provided for all ages and skill level.

Bands Nights – It’s a night for performance and showcase student musical skills. All students are invited but not forced to perform at the Band’s Night. I run away from solo performances and absolutely love group presentations. Music is inclusive and one musician “covers” the other mistakes besides stage performances are awesome for developing group work, concentration, friendships and it helps decrease shiness, stage and, public fear and brings new challenges for all. Once again music has no limitation in terms of age gender or ethnicity. I don’t mind some visual efects like videos, lights and fog machine at the concert to create a concert atmosphere.   

Worship Nights,  – We showcase Jesus Christ. Students are invited for a night of worship directed and conducted by the church worship leader. The songs can be chosen by the church worship leaders and will be played by the students, normally students with more experience on stage. It’s a worship night and the students have to understand that he or she are serving the church with their music skills and more important than music skills is their hearts. Se need to work together with the church worship leader to teach what the bible expects from a worship band musician.

Cultural Nights – We live in an extremely diverse state and as musicians we need to be open for different cultures. The cultural nights fits perfect to support and open the students to respect and learn other cultures. We have to prepare them for missionary overseas trips. We also can involve more people for food, dancing presentations and music styles (Bossa Nova, Reagae, Blues, Country, music from all over the world.. Brazil, Hawaii, British, German, American.. .  

When a church decides to have a music school as a ministry these are the main changes it will happen:

Music will create and develop a MULTIPLIER culture. No true musician is a selfish all-alone player.. Well, some piano players are.. But all other instruments needs other instruments to harmonize and make it sound beautiful. I love to see when my students are helping younger students into a band practice. You share what you have.

Musicians are TEAM-PLAYERS.. They will work hard for the team, learning its responsibilities and performing it for the benefit of the whole band (group) also musicians must learn to respect their leaders (soloists, worship leaders and pastors). This has to start early. Teenagers love to be around teenagers especially in a musical, fun, uplifting environment.

Music brings an INTIMATE MOMENTS with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Every time you practice or play before of after reading your bible .. it’s your most important worship moment. You can not be a true worshiper if you don’t lock yourself into your room or closet and play/practice for Jesus. He is your main audience. If you are able to play for Jesus alone, you can play for 10.000 or more people. If you are too proud to play for a small audience.. You need to have some Jesus Moments alone. Read what you are singinging, understand and meditate on it. Have your intimate Jesus moment to grow in faith and musical skills.

When the church have a Band Training program it means that the church is creating a CONFLICT SOLVING program. Playing in a band is a huge conflict. Different cultures, backgrounds, ages, skills and egos are in the same room and have to make it work.  

Changing your family through music